The Church of the Nazarene has been a church that believes in living a holy life as well as living the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). This Great Commission is where Jesus instructs us to spread His word and teach His commands to the world. We accomplish this through Nazarene Missions International (NMI). World Missions continue to be an integral part of the work of the WCN.

Local Mission Opportunities

Want to find a way to serve without taking vacation time, or traveling around the country or the world? Click here for more information for a list of local ministries that need volunteers.



Each year WCN plans on a Work and Witness trip to another world area.  This summer our trip will be to the Ukraine where they will be doing painting, finishing work on tile floors, base boards and ceiling.

Work & Witness Opportunities

Each year WCN is blessed with the ability to assemble various missional teams that travel to different locations in the world.   Over the past three years we have visited,

2017 Cuba

2016 El Salvador/Guatemala

2015 Haiti

2015 Papua New Guinea

If you are interested in seeing mission work first hand then a Work and Witness trip would be the perfect opportunity. Your life will be blessed!

Upcoming Mission Opportunities


Kazatin, Ukraine – June 8-19 with an estimated cost of $1700-$2000/person.

Project will primarily be painting, tile work on floors, finishing work on base boards or ceilings and possibly some landscaping. Work can always be found for those with physical limitations.  No special skills are required.  This is for a church in Kazatin, Ukraine.  We’ll fly into Kiev and ride by bus or vans about 2.5 hours to Kazatin which is southwest of Kiev.  Scott and Jenni Rainey and their two daughters will be traveling and spending the week with us.  Sightseeing will be in Kiev for a day or two following the Sunday dedication of the church.  No visa is required.

Contact Mark Emerson for more information at mse3031@gmail.com or 513-433-1332.

Child Sponsorship

Nazarene Child Sponsorship exists to advocate for children who are destitute. Nazarene Child Sponsorship is part of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. An individual, family, or group may commit to provide $25/month support. This investment will help with development through education, health, nutrition, social skills, and Christian training that will assist your child in growing into self-sustaining adults. Sponsors are given the child?s picture and are encouraged to pray faithfully and write letters to the child. Prayerfully consider this opportunity. More information is available at the missions table in the foyer.

(Loving Interested Nazarenes Knowing and Sharing)

Our new Links missionaries for 2017-18 are Hilbert and Sadie Miller, retired, living in Pennsylvania and Dave and Betsy Scott and family living in Croatia. The Millers ask that we pray for their extended family and their newly organized church. The Scotts ask that we pray for their ministry to a significant Middle East refugee population in Croatia.



  • Joe and Cheryl Young- Indonesia
  • Michael and Cailyn Weatley – Extreme Nazarene Missions in Cincinnati
  • JW Celeste – Creative Access

Mission Books

Eyewitness: Seeing from within an Oppressive Society by Gusztinne Tulipan Maria

Living Side by Side: Serving the People of Cactus Texas by Jenni Monteblanco

Mursi: Reaching the Unreached of Ethiopia by Howie Shute

WHDL: A Library for the World by Tammy Condon



Alabaster is a bi-annual offering for mission buildings and construction sites. It is a love offering based on the story from Luke of the woman pouring the alabaster vile of costly perfume on Jesus? feet. It is a gift of deep love from a heart of gratitude. Every penny donated to Alabaster goes directly to building churches, chapels, mission and district center, parsonages, Bible schools, hospitals, clinic and for the purchase of land for multicultural work in the U.S. and in 151 world areas. We will collect the Alabaster Offering in February and September.

School Pal Paks

School Pal Paks are enough supplies for two children in the Third world countries. in crisis areas.  These Paks are put together and collected in July and August of each year.

Crisis Care Kits

These are packs we put together containing emergency hygiene items for families located in crisis areas.  These Crisis Care Kits are put together and collected in August and September of each year.

Faith Promise

This is a means of pledging a weekly, monthly or one-time sum for the World Evangelism Fund.

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries

Responding to the physical needs of those receiving the gospel message.

Visit the website here: Nazarene Compassionate Ministries

God's Threads

Uses gently used items and non perishables to help assist families in need located in the West Chester & Mason area. It is open every Tuesday from 1:00pm until 2:30pm. All items are free to the community.

Meet the Need

This ministry provides food for families in need of groceries and toiletry items.

Food collected goes for bags of groceries that are handed out in four areas of the church: “God’s Threads”- Clothing ministry, Meet the Need Sunday (second Sunday of the month), walk –ins seeking assistance, and outreach projects.